Intersection of Fragments Exhibition

Intersection of Fragments , a solo exhibition by Elham Fatapour.

“Intersection of Fragments” is a multidisciplinary exhibition that showcases three distinct yet intricately connected bodies of work. The exhibition explores various aspects of the artist’s identity and experiences, offering viewers a diverse narrative to engage with. Each section of the exhibition contributes to a detailed exploration of the artist’s personal story.

The first section presents a series of life-size mixed media paintings, depicting self-portraits imbued with personal and cultural elements. These paintings narrate the artist’s immigration story and delve into her mental challenges, providing viewers with a deeper understanding of the artist’s journey and personal story.

In the second section, viewers encounter two distinct series of three-channel video installations. These videos establish a poetic connection to the land, exploring themes of communication and connection. Fatapour observes a shifting dynamic in the delineation of ‘public’ and ‘private’ spaces, leading to an erosion of these distinctions. For instance, in her three video art series, ‘Soil’ (2019) and ‘Sand, salt’ (2019-2020) and ‘Solitary stitches’ (2023), she engages in seemingly simple acts like drawing, doodling, stitching, and embroidery in unfamiliar environments and different landscapes — drawing on a Salt Lake ground and on the sand in the desert or sewing the cracks of the land and embroidering on the snow. Each of these carry metaphorical concepts and rituals, inviting viewers to reflect on the significance of seemingly mundane activities. In particular, the act of embroidery, often perceived as a traditional domestic skill primarily performed by women, takes on a nuanced significance. While rooted in history as one of the world’s oldest crafts, embroidery has served as a tool of resistance. Women have subverted traditional gender roles, expressing their creativity and agency through this enduring craft. It remains a potent and creative mode of feminist expression and resistance.

The third section features an ongoing installation of satellite dishes, symbolizing interconnectedness and continuity; and furthermore highlighting the role of communication tools in global urban design. The artist’s “Homemade satellite dishes” is an ongoing series of an interactive, multi-media installation since 2019. By painting directly on authentic satellite dishes, her intention is to conceal them within their surroundings, distancing them from their physical, social, and political contexts. Fatapour’s creative practice explores the manipulation of visual cues and the use of camouflage as a metaphor and material to reveal mechanisms of power and control. It also engages in a critical dialogue about the intersection of camouflage and visual culture with broader societal issues like surveillance and self-censorship, highlighting the impact of a panoptic system on individual behavior. Finally, her artistic practice and research delves into the intersection of media, censorship, and communication using painting, installation, and video art. It highlights the significant role of satellite dishes in global urban design as communication tools and surveillance infrastructure, revealing their connection to the concealed realms of security, surveillance, and conflict.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and the Government of Ontario.

Artist Tour & Talk

Tour of our ongoing exhibition “Intersection of Fragments” followed by a talk with Artist Elham Fatapour to get to know all about her work process.

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