ARD South

ARD South

The “ARD South” program for Art residencies is the first of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East to host artists from “Global South” countries. The term, here, does not refer to the geographical south of the globe or even to the literal image of the world divided by the equator; Rather, it means peoples who share common social, economic, political, and historical characteristics and conditions. Therefore, for the sake of mutual curiosity, Ard Foundation is looking forward to presenting this program to consolidate the links among the cultures of the societies of the global south. It will present a new type of professional relations that were not previously known within the art scene in Egypt, and which we hope will result in cultural networking and knowledge based on unlimited diversity.

In this program, Ard is seeking to reach individuals who have rich artistic content and are looking for a space or a real chance to present themselves in a smooth international context. Therefore, the program is concerned with providing opportunities for artists who have diverse artistic expertise and experiences and need to develop that. Or they need to refine and crystallize their concepts and emerging projects, by providing them with an artistic residency in a private studio for a period starting from three months at “Ard” foundation. Ard is located in Garden City, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cairo overlooking the Nile Corniche, and close to downtown.

During the stay, Ard will facilitate opportunities for the residents to explore the local art scene in Egypt, especially in a large city like Cairo, by connecting them (according to their artistic interests), with artistic institutions and individuals who are active in the scene. It will also enable them to get acquainted with the community of vocations and handicrafts, in addition to the constant interaction with the events occurring continuously in “Ard” such as exhibitions, workshops, meetings…etc. This is how residents can test and develop their skills and experiences by residing within a vibrant work environment, to have the opportunity to experience constant contact with professionals and the public.

ARD South Residency Artists

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