At Ard, we aspire to become an effective organization that aims to discover interested audiences who have the ability to participate in developing different artistic practices through our annual program which is full of events and activities, such as; exhibitions, panel discussions, meetings, workshops, symposiums, seminars, film screenings, performance lectures, reading sessions…etc. These activities will provide the artists with opportunities to develop and present their ideas, experiences, and artistic projects in a flexible work environment. The program includes the following activities.

ARD Lab : A short-term pilot program that develops projects for emerging artists and presents their experiments to the public.
Archives Week : An annual event concerned with archives, presented through a month-long exhibition in addition to a series of film screenings, panel discussions, seminars, and workshops.
Curators Program : A short-term educational program targeting emerging local and international curators. The goal is to prepare cadres that are able to crystallize and establish rules and concepts related to the practice of art as a profession.
ARD Meetings : A monthly series of public meetings presented by a group of professionally verified individuals, which revolve around the challenges facing those who work in the local art scene.

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