Weekend Workshop

Paper making workshop

Workshop presented by: Wessam Waffik
Duration: 5 hours
Date: Friday 3th of February
Timings: 3-8 pm
Workshop fees: 500 EGP
Application deadline: 2 February 2023

About the Workshop

Weresh waraq is a series of multidirectional handcrafted paper-making workshops that focuses on the art of upcycling different scrap materials into a variety of paper products. Teaching the skill of making paper as well as infusing the paper medium with other media in order to create different forms of artworks and products.

Attendees will learn briefly about the history of paper-making then will be introduced to the different raw materials used to make paper as well as different techniques of making paper.
After that, the practical part will begin which includes collecting and preparing the raw materials, processing them, then forming the paper sheets and finally drying them out .

The workshop activities will introduce:

  • Different techniques of paper-making by utilizing paper scraps, fabrics, leaves & other materials.
  • Creating cool sheets of paper where one further product of which would be binded /colored customized notebooks.
  • Through the previously mentioned techniques, photo collage artworks will be created and by embedding photographs, drawings, and other ornaments, unique pieces of Art will emerge.

*Participants can bring their own images /magazines /paper that they wish to incorporate

About the Artist

Wessam Wafik is a multidisciplinary visual artist born in Cairo, Egypt.
Graduated from Faculty of Arts & Design.
Wessam mostly works and experiments with printmaking, illustration, paper-making & alternative photographic techniques, in addition to the creation and merging of different types of artworks with the goal ofdeveloping an authentic mixture of ‘Process and Product’.

Soundscape field recording & Sound mapping workshop

Workshop presented by: Ahmad Aiuby
Duration: 7 hours
Date: Saturday 4th of February
Timings: 1-7 pm
Workshop fees: 600 EGP
Application deadline: 3 February 2023

About the Workshop

This soundscape field recording and sound mapping workshop is designed to give participants an introduction to the art of capturing and mapping soundscapes. Through a field trips and hands-on activities, participants will learn the basics of soundscape recording and mapping.

Participants will:

  • Learn about the different types of microphones used in soundscape recording ,how to set up a microphone for optimal results and basics of sound editing using Audacity.
  • Practice their skills in a real-world setting by taking a field trip around Cairo/Downtown and record sounds from their environment to use in the creation of their own unique soundscapes.
  • Participants will learn how to use their recordings to create interactive maps that can be shared online or printed out for display purposes with tips on how to make the maps more engaging.
  • At the end of the workshop, participants should have a better understanding of how to capture and map soundscapes using both audio equipment and software tools .

This workshop requires participants to bring:

  1. Laptop.
  2. Audio recorder or installing a good audio recorder mobile app.

About the Artist

Ahmad Aiuby is an interdisciplinary artist and creative technologist. His work uses immersive and interactive media, creative coding, AI, and sound to explore the expressive possibilities offered by emerging digital technologies, and the ways in which algorithms are reshaping our everyday lives.

He was a 2020 “We Are Data” artist fellow in a fellowship program by Cairotronica (EGY) and IMPAKT (NL) festivals.Aiuby’s work has been exhibited at Cairographie Festival (2017) and Roznama 7th (2019), Cairotronica Festival (2021), Ars Electronica (2021), and Arab Arts Focus (2022).

Lino printing (An Object with a Story) workshop

Workshop presented by: Alia Bassioni
Duration: 7 hours
Date: Saturday 4th of February
Timings: 1-7 pm
Workshop fees: 600 EGP
Application deadline: 3 February 2023

About the Workshop

A workshop concerned with the creation of a one page zine and a stamp about an object
that means something to us using linocut printmaking and other optional techniques (ex., drawing and writing).
Through this workshop we will learn the basics of Relief Printmaking (Linocut printing) and how to make a zine using one sheet of paper.

About the artist:

Alia Bassioni
A visual artist and educator born in Egypt 1991.
After receiving BA degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts College in 2014, Alia
worked as an Assistant Teacher at both the American University in Cairo and MSA
University. Alia participated in a number of exhibitions, the most recent were
“Imagining a Landscape” group exhibition at Bibliothek Egypt 2022, “My Favorite
Things 6” at Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art 2021 and “Cairo Art Fair 7” at TAM Gallery 2021.
Reading plays a big role in the art she creates to express her thoughts, feelings,
and beliefs. Merging sentences with personal experiences, Alia hopes to connect
with people’s emotional parts.
Some of Alia’s work was featured in Al-Ahram Hebdo a French language weekly newspaper in Egypt 2021, The Lifestyle journal 2017 and Zambalita magazine 2014
and 2015.

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