This and That : an interdisciplinary art workshop with Salam Yousry

Duration: 7 meetings

Date: January Sun 29th, Mon 30th,Tue 31st

February Mon 6th, Tue 7th, Wed 8th, Tue 14th

Timings: 6-10 pm

Workshop fees: 2400 EGP

Application deadline: 28 January 2023

*Fees must be paid on the start date of the workshop

About the workshop:

What we’re going to work on?

Finding ways to intersect mediums, disciplines and practices through individual work and collaboration.

The hypothesis is to use what we have (in terms of production) and implement the collective intelligence without losing the individual fruition.

Who applies?

This workshop is for art practitioners and creators (visual and sound artists, writers, filmmakers and performance artists) : Artists who explore (or want to explore) different mediums or work across various disciplines. (12 participants)

Stages of work:


  • Coming up with the idea
  • Exploring potential 
  • Finalizing the abstract


  • Exploring all mediums in relation to a single concept
  • Choosing the medium/s


  • Exploring potential collaborations 
  • Planning the collaboration/s


  • Process
  • Progress
  • Production 
  • Finalisation 

Note: Some of the works produced during the workshop will participate in a collective exhibition at ARD.

About the Artist:

Salam Yousry is a multidisciplinary artist born in 1982, based in Cairo. After his graduation in 2004, from the Painting Department in The Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Salam worked as a Teaching Assistant in the same department and as a professional illustrator. 

He founded Al-Tamye Theater Group in 2002 and the Combo Independent Festival in 2012.  In 2010, he founded The Choir Project, an initiative that invites members of the public and professional artists to participate in workshops of collective creation, during which texts are collectively written and turned into songs or live performances. Salam has since led community-based workshops in songwriting and performance across the Middle East, Europe and the United States. He has also produced and directed several music videos, ads, documentaries and short films. 

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