“water in my mouth ” Exhibition

“water in my mouth ” Exhibition – A solo by Raymond Gemayel

The frog said something that the wise interpreted:

“There is water in my mouth!

Can one speak with water in their mouth?”

If Raymond had to describe his practice in a drawing, he would tell you about a triangle with angles of language, body, and territory. In this triangle, water is floating.

Raymond Gemayel’s solo show at ARD continues (re)tracing this triangle through a diverse array of mediums: installations, drawing, photography, video, found objects, text, sound, in-situ intervention, and sculpture.

At ARD, Raymond’s works interact intimately with the space and with each other, spreading across walls, floors, and ceilings. Some installations reach out from the exterior, while others seem to grow from within, transforming ARD into a fluid, ever-changing playground. This site-specific approach underscores the fluidity suggested by the omnipresent motif of water, which threads through the exhibition like a delicate, unifying stream.

From pseudo-scientific experiments to personal anecdotes, Gemayel’s storytelling is playful and tinged with humor. His works invite the audience to navigate a landscape where scientific inquiry meets poetic reflection, and where every piece, whether subtle or overt, contributes to a broader conversation about our relationship with language, our bodies, and the spaces we inhabit.

The recurring element of water not only symbolizes the interconnectedness of his thematic triangle but also evokes a sense of constant evolution and transformation.

This exhibition is an open invitation to dive into a realm where boundaries are porous, and the interplay between these three angles unfolds in compelling and unexpected ways.

Artist Tour & Talk

Join us on Monday 10th of June 6:30 pm to attend the tour and talk of “water in my mouth” exhibition by Raymond Gemayel. Waiting for you!

Some snippets from the tour of “Water in my Mouth” Exhibition by Lebanese artist Raymond Gemayel. The exhibition is running until June 30th and is open daily from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm except for Fridays.

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