Somewhere… I don’t know 

Somewhere… I don’t know  Exhibition by Nourhan Maayouf

Nourhan Maayouf presents six projects that explore changes in the urban environment. Using photography, video, and installation, she captures her journey through the urban sphere, arriving at a triangular power dynamic between urban spaces, humans, and nature. 

From her visits to different public and private spaces around the city, including a backyard, a zoo, and a promenade by the Nile, the artist notes the different manifestations of that dynamic. Maayouf holds a satirical yet sincere gaze at the absurdity she encounters, be it in daily scenes on the street or narratives from strangers on the internet. 

As she documents, recreates, or manipulates her material, the combined works serve to pose questions and analyze her surroundings. Is the act of violating nature a culturally acceptable human activity in some situations? At what point do we become alienated from our real and virtual surroundings? With these questions in mind, the artist proceeds to highlight the nuances between care and exploitation of nature, suggests using simulations as a way to preserve memory and recreate our own reality, and speculates about the future of human bodies while noting their adaptation to urban changes. 

Artist’s Tour

A tour of “Somewhere…I don’t know” exhibition with artist Nourhan Maayouf was held on Monday, December 4th 2023 at 7:00 pm

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