ARD International Residency Artists

Marie Akoury

Marie Akoury is a multidisciplinary artist with French-Egyptian roots living in Berlin, Germany. Based on her academic background in fashion design, set design and scenography, her works vary from Costume and Stage Design to multi-sensory Installations and Performance Art. In her work she focuses on the union of diverse media, which is the interface between textile, auditory and spatial design.
In 2021, she developed the performance series “Copula”. In this multimedia performance of sound, movement, light and a woven sculpture, she deals with the mediation of the two-dimensional calculation of time in ancient Egypt (Neheh and Djet), embedded in interviews with her father about different perceptions of time. The focus is on the perspectives of two different generations and cultural influences (Western and Middle Eastern). 

During her stay at the ARD, she will focus on two topics – audiovisual methods in performance art and the art of weaving in Egypt. She will research the local sound and music landscapes as well as the textile scene in Cairo and include them in the development of the fourth edition of the “Copula” series. The central question will be to what extent sound and the art of weaving can be embedded in a performance and function as narrative elements. 

Artist Performance & Talk

Marie Akoury whose residency in ARD concluded with a mesmerizing performance and artist talk. Her performance Copula ‘Sonic Textiles’ took the audience on a sensory journey, immersing them in the Ancient Egyptian perception of time. It was a captivating experience, exploring movement, rhythm, vocals, visuals, and the enchanting interplay of sound.

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